Forgotten Epic: To Epic and Beyond!

Chapter Three: Goro Goro Island - Session 26 - Land, the time forgot part 4 of 6

Last session was held on January 6th and complete crew was present. Once again players surprised me, proving that each RPG session is new experience and event of its own.


We bagan play where we finished last session. Heroes searched room expedition was searching only to find some valuables beside corpses (most of their possessions were destroyed in blast of <font style=”font-style: italic”>fireball</font> and <font style=”font-style: italic”>flamestrike</font>). Major feature of the room were three blank, anonymous sarcophagi. Most left slab was moved beside and inside of grave heroes found mummified corpse. It was strange one indeed, as it was about human size with clawed hands and long jaws, full of sharp teeth. there were no signs of trauma on bodies and no tracks of violence or escape. Search for additional clues proved nothing, so the heroes began to explore dungeon.


Next room turned out to be real challenge. As Xandos smashed doors, he felt a heavy gaze upon him and he turned to stone. Next was Jarod who as a first one faced a basilisk hidden inside room. Fight erupted and with help of Kyril's <font style=”font-style: italic”>fireballs</font> monster and two of it's kind were defeated. Heroes took some rests so Connal could exchange his spells and next morning reversed pertrfication effects. In the meantime Avelon was sent back to halfling's town. Whit sundown near, Jarod sneaked to gnoll's rear camp. He found there two shamans and general's guard. He was also able to sneak inside warlord's tent where he found a barbarian's throne. While searching tent, he heard commanding voice from behind. He turned around to find a magical mirror in which a dark figure loomed. It screamed and demanded response form "Rarg", finally hissing, that "city won't be burned, until search is complete".


Jarod returned to his companions and gave a report. Group resumed their search, finding prison, kitchen, private chambers and burial grounds. some rooms were filled with trash, other sunken. During exploration heroes defeated several undead, huge scorpions and other monsters. They decided to cover up some tracks and hidden mummified bodies of ratmen or wererats, as the thought of them. Finally heroes entered a small, prison-like chamber, where the found a strange creature. It had a body of lion, wings of eagle and head of human bearded sage. Lammasu explained that it was imprisoned here long ago by a neither living nor dead evil wizard. It was chained to the ground with magical chain robbing him of his powers. Lammasu was not able to break it but Xandos did it without effort. Freed creature thanked gently and asked, how it can repay debt. Heroes told it of besieged city and black lotus plague. As Lammasu was creature of advise and healing, it promised to help.


<font style=”font-style: italic”>Behind the Courtain</font>

Jarod advanced on 8th level of experience.

Connal advanced on 10th level of experience.

Xandos advanced on 9th level of experience.


I was expecting heroes will use scroll of teleportation to head up to main mastermind behind invasion but the chose differently :-)


Players surprised me with returning to case of Black Lotus addiction.



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