Forgotten Epic: To Epic and Beyond!

Chapter Three: Goro Goro Island - Session 21 - Slithering Shadow part 2 of 2

Acquiring necessary components, heroes decided to gather more information concerning Maggog. First the went through the city, reading stellas, searching for clues or other important information. The learned that revolt against Maggog was led by small group and it's members were not able to defeat demon, only to imprison him.

PC returned to woman the took from mansion and woke her. Interrogation revealed that she was ignorant of Maggog being, did not know his weak points or habits. She also was not moved by sight of city falling in ruins, passing of her friends and mood of sadness. Not being able to persuade her in giving up her habits, Pc let her go and she gladly returned to her sleeping chamber to dream lotus dreams.


PC's debated heavily but in the end decided to fight demon. They descended deep into city's bowels and entered chamber leading to prison. Doors turned out to be protected by explosive runes which detonated. Heroes moved on and entered chamber filled with coupling zombies. Upon their arrival, undead things arose and attacked. Connal channeled positive energy and destroyed many of them. Avelon tried the same but her priestly powers were either absent or she was given command over undead. Ren looked closely upon her symbol only to find it is very close to Shar's emblem. Dealing with zombie's PC's were charged by raging demon of darkness. He arose from trio of tall stones in the center of room, two of them were radiating with strange black halo. Fight was tough but in the end they were able to defeat monster. Maggog turned out to be quite weak opponent, much weaker than they expected.


<font style=”font-style: italic”>Behind the Courtain</font>

Although session went smooth and nice, it sparked a discussion concerning use of narcotic substances in Faerun. It would be pleasant conversation if it not turned into set of strange allusions. In the aftermatch of almost two weeks discussion we decided to part ways with SÅ‚awek. I wish him best luck in his endeavours. Two proposals for replacement were made and I'm going to make the propositions.



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