Nice-looking thin girl with brown hair, freckled face and big gree eyes. She wears more like rogue that priestess.



Human,Female,Cleric 5th,True Neutral









Avelon is priestess of Waukeen. At least she think she is, as much of her history is uncertain. All she remembers is she was travelling with her friends through Cloakwood forest and made a camp and next day she awoke all but herself in mysterious and creepy city of green wals, green light, deat-like serenity and deep shadows.

She survived there and learned a lot about Nameless City, it's inhabitants, dreaded Maggog and black Lotus properties. Recentl she stumbled upon party of heroes and helped them with her knowledge. She proposed an alliance and they joined forces. Avelon proved to be valuable member of party but with time more and more strange facts turned out.

First of all she was oblivious of Waukeen's disappearance. It seemed that she was on Goro-Goro since before Times of Troubles and her powers weren't affected by Godswar. Second, while fighting Maggog's zombies, she rebuked undead instead of destroying them. She was totaly surprised but her powers were all to clear. final straw was her holy symbol in form of balckened, worn-out coin hanged on chain. While very appealing to Goddes of Trade, it was strikly similar to black disc, which is Shar's symbol. Considering that Carlin and Connal were able to detect a curse cast upon her but unable to lift it up, it is quite dubius who her patron is. Only time will tell.


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