Slim, baeutiful and seductive, of pale complexcion and unearthly, etheric beauty.



Elven vampire, female, Rogue 12, Aristocrat 9, Chaotic Neutral








Nyan is slim and slender, has mane of long, blacj hair, pale skin and is encompassed by aura of an eerie, unearthy beauty. She is born seductress, fully aware of her advantages and powers. Don'nt be mistaken with her looks, she is truly ancient and immortal. She is an elven vampire who has taken refuge in flying island Goro-Goro.

In past times she travelled still young abeir toril, roamed Cormanthor woods, had many adventures and fought many battles. During one of them she was slain by a vampire anr rose from grave as an undead. She was slave of her cruel master but with natural cunning was able to outwit her tormentor, put him to final rest and escape. But in her homeland she was met with hostility and superstition. Almost staked and burned, she ran with hunters on her trail. Nyan finally found a passage to flying island in the sky and took refuge there.

She travelled alot and discovered many secrets of Goro-Goro, and finally came upon mysterious moonstone that freed her of her inhuman hunger. Stone was worshipped by halfling tribe, that erected a city in it's shadow. Soon Nyan became their queen and is reigning as a benevolent mistress.


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