Carlin the Grey

Elderly wizard, first robbed of his memories, later of flayed of mind.


First thing he remembered, was an evil priestess with sacrificial knife standing over him. Before his throat was slit, he was rescued by band of young heroes. His memories were robbed of him:  temptress materialized them and tried to use as a ingredient for magical ritual, but was slain and all his knowlegde dispersed.

Carlin was wizard of sort, convenient he is very old. He sometimes got glimpses of events of past in which he played important role. Determined to find out somethng of his past, he set out with his rescuers to travel and re-learn. 

During discussion with his surname-sake Orrick the Grey of Kuldahar, he learned that Carlin the Grey was leader of reels in Messenpur, leading a revolt against Sarvianola – a fanatical priestof some unknown deity.

Unfortunately Carlin's path crossed with band of mindflayers, who destroyed remenants of his mind, turning him into brainless heap of meat. Placed inside garden of "Sky Mill", he was claimed by trees and plants, never to be seen again.

Carlin the Grey

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