Brother Patrick


Brother Patrick, or Patrick as it is called now, was sent to Helmite order to live monastic life. It wasn't his design and it wasn't his call. Always interested in arcane, he became apprentice of elderly sage and after his death took mantle of scholar of mysteries. 

During his rare trips, Patrick came upon small village of Kronach, where he met a beautiful gir.The two immediately fall in love. Patrick returned to monastery, only to inform his superiors he quits. Later that summer young couple got married.

Next spring young wife made a pilgrimage to a nearby cavern, where girls like her were praying for healthy child. She never returned. Patrick began search and soon found out, that some kind of gate exists in cavern. He set out and activated an old, Nordmen gate, only to find himself on far North. He never discovered his wife ultimate fate, but managed to survive harsh climate and found way to nearest human settlement.

Next year his new home was raided by Nordmen but fortunately he and his pregnant wife, Astrid, escaped. With help of heroes they reached Kuldahar. Patric helped as much as he was able to discover scroll's properties and later decided to stay in village. He and Astrid were given a home and land, and lived happily ever after.

Brother Patrick

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