Wise and courageus dwarven priest


Name:    Connal    Player:    Jarecki
Race:    Dwarf        
Gender:    Male    Alignment:    Neutral Good
Class:    Cleric    Level:    10
Str    15    Bonus:    +2
Dex    12        +1
Con    18        +4
Int    14        +2
Wis    20        +5
Cha    13        +1
Fort save            
Ref save            
Will save            
Hit Points:    89        
Armor Class:    19        
       Flat footed    18        
       Touch:    11        
Attack :    +7/+2        

Appraise    +8
Climb    +5
Craft    +6
Craft    +6
Diplomacy    +7
Heal    +11
Knowledge (arcana)    +12
Knowledge (history)    +6
Knowledge (planes)    +7
Knowledge (religion)    +12
Linguistics    +5
Perception    +8
Spellcraft    +10
Base SpellDC 15+spell level   
Domains: good, earth   
Channeling energy: DC: 17 7 times per day   

Feats:    Spell penetration (+2 vs magic resistance)
    Selective channeling
    Extra turning
    Empower spell
    Thunder Twin


Connal's father was adventurer, who finally settled in Appleshade, taking mantle of village's balcksmith. He fathered three children: twin brothers Vanir and Connal, Andala. Andala stayed in Appleshade but it is obvious she will set out to forge her own destiny, Vanir went to city to study magic and Connal formed group of adventurers to explore world and fight evil.


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