Ren Howl

Monk of sidhe heritage, caught between faerie and mortal world


Name:    Ren    

Player:    Adrian
Race:    Human        
Gender:    Male    

Alignment:    LN
Class:    Monk/Sorcerer    

Level:    7 / 3
Str    16 / 29    Bonus:    
Dex    16 / 8        
Con    12 / 21        
Int    12        
Wis    16        
Cha    17        
Fort save    7 / 11        
Ref save    9 / 5        
Will save    11 /11        
Hit Points:    81 / 101        
Armor Class:    20 / 25        
       Flat footed    17        
Touch:    17        
Attack :    6        
Skills:        Feats:    


Ren's mother was a witch and she often ventured into woods alone. When Ren was born, there was gossip flying around that it was fey creature that were his father. Moreover, kid displayed magical abilities  and caused much harm, so boy was sent to monastery, where he was to learn discipline and mental resolve. After years of training under Lathander, sune and Selune auspicies, Ren returned to home and quickly accepted proposition to fulifill dreams of childhood and set out to adventure.

While in North, he stroke bargain with an nymph. She allowed heroes to travel via her tree-portal in exchange for Ren's sacrifice: letting his fea part of soul to develop and rule. In Kuldahar, he asked druidess, how should he do it and was given advice to sleep in roots of mighty oak.During his sleep, Ren entered a strange world of fey, had many adventures there and woke up in form of living tree. While in this shape, he helped to recreate flying ship "Sky Mill" into heavenly garden, a true flying island.

Ren Howl

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