Xandos Skullhammer

Young, bold and brave warrior


Name: Xandos

Player: Terentz
Race: Human        
Gender: Male

Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Class: Fighter

Level:    10
Str: 19   
Dex: 12  +1      
Con: 16  +3
Int: 12    +1
Wis: 11   +0
Cha: 11  +0
Fort save    +10        
Ref save    +4        
Will save    +3/+6        
Hit Points:    116        
Armor Class:    22/24        
       Flat footed    23        
       Touch:    11        
Weapon    Att. Bonus    Damage    
Bastard     18/14    1d10+8/+10/+12             
Climb    +8                     
Handle Animal     +5       
Intimidate    +13            
Perception    +12            
Ride    +6                      
Stealth    +5                  
Survival    +13               
Swim    +8                    

All Armour and shields
All Simple and Martial Weapons
Weapon Training Exotic Bastard
Power Attack
Overhand Chop
Armor Training x2
Weapon Focus (Bastard)
Weapon specialisationb (Bastard)
Weapon Training (Heavy Blades)
Greater Cleave
Dazzling Display
Improved Critical (Bastard)
Weapon Training (Spears)


Xandos was born in village Appleshade on island Averwest. His father was highlander who ventured down and settled in lowlands, while his mother was native of village and older sister of Ren Howl. The couple enjoyed peacefull live and raised their son in comfort. Xandos' father took him into mouintains to hunt, lumber trees and help his clansmen and sometimes even fight alongside them.


While young warrior enjoyed his life, he also wanted to face adventures. Skilled huntsman and ranger, he was proficient with weapons and strong one, so quickly found place in adventuring party composed of close friends and now travels with their company across Faerun and above it.

Xandos Skullhammer

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