Forgotten Epic: To Epic and Beyond!

Chapter One: Averwest - Session 10 - Lost in the Bogs part 2 of 2

Session was held at February 28th and in my design was devoted to polishing rules of combat. As it became obvious that there are no ordinary undead warriors in Monster Manual, only zombies, skeletons etc, I designed monsters according to Pathfinder's guidelines.


After discussion with half-elven wizard, heroes decided to arm themselves properly. First, the set out to find a local druid, to seek his permission for taking jarl's spear. They found circle of stones and soon meet priest. Old man was quite mad but in exchange for fish gave his permission to take weapon from shrine. During conversation the learned, he knew Hieronymus, remembering him as a young, ambitious and goat matingbastard. Connal and Carlin moved to little temple. After some troubles with door the found it's interior packed with all matter of offerings and stuff. The most curious thing was a full sized Minotaur sitting on throne. Carlin came to conclusion it's magical, divine golem. In the meantime Xandos and Ren found queen Cedrika's tomb under burial mound. Not wanting to disturb her peace, they set out for Connal.


Heroes found queen in her last bedroom chamber, lying under furs and resting on pillows. Quick search revealed her battle charriot, stack of weapons, flags and trophies of her conquests. When PC's exited from the armoury, the saw ghost of beautiful, naked warrior-queen, painted with blue circles, shouting insults at them and than returning to the fray.


Armed with spear and claymore sword, PC's headed back on the swamps. It was well after sunset but they correctly guessed, that jarl Haken will rise around midnight. Indeed, undead arose and moved out to stalk village, but was stopped by Connal. Seeing spear, which he called "Oak's Shaft" in hands of Ren asked for returning it, as it was his pass to Valhalla. PC's agreed and presented him a Cedrica's sword, which in brutal way ended his life. Called by Connal, her ghost appeared and fight erupted. An epic combat lasted for a whole night and part of PC's spirit took part in it. In the end, Cedrica was killed by Haken. Spear, disappeared.


Following morning, PC's returned sword to the queen's tomb and decided to stay for the night. Connal took watch but soon went to sleep. Well after midnight he was awaken by shouts and fire. Two houses were burning and in the bay an nordmen drakkar was seen. Erupted an brutal fight with raiders. Many undead nordmen raiders were cut down and in the end heroes faced Haken. Ren disarmed him and catched Oak's Shaft and finally heroes defeated treacherous undead. Session ended when after his destruction, all undead crumbled to dust and drakkar burned with high flames.

Chapter One: Averwest - Session 09 - Lost in the Bogs part 1 of 2

Last session was held on February, 21st. We gathered at Adrian's place (very inspiring) and played a quite long, "commercial break free" and eventful session.


Session egan when PC's moved out of Appleshade, to investigate the scroll. A moment of genius happened, as the remembered that near Stepplefals there is Azuth and Gond Monastery. After arriving, the asked abbot for help. Monks investigated scroll but were not able to destroy it. They learned it's powers were weakened by throwing it into blessed fire, but in time will come back. Connal forged a special lead tubs inlay to keep it's powers from influence nearby and meantime monks prepared a spellbook for Carlin. During conversation with abbot, heroes learned that old helmite sage died two years earlier and his duties were passed upon his apprentice, brother Patrick. After short discussion, PC's agreed to seek his counsel.


Party went on the road again. First day of travel was uneventful. O the second one party arrived at Blackmoor village and were invited to wedding. What happened next, was unclear but we know that Connal "spinned party" and things gone wild. Next midday, with big hangover, heroes wnet on. They passed Westdoir (a merchant city, unsuccessfully trying to compete with Xak-Saladan) and wormed their way by road between Howling Woods and Spider Forest. This night heroes re attacked by pair of dire wolves but defeated beasts. Next day party arrived at Caer Dunnachey. City turned out to be filthy and smelling fish, it's building and walls squat and dirty. PC's were disgusted and quickly made their business. After short talk with helmite monk they learned that Patrick abandoned monastic life and moved to village Kronach, to live with his wife. After arranging passage by ship, PC's moved to meet Patrick.


After an uneventful, two day trip, PC arrived at village. It was small, clean hamlet, with houses of white walls and Celtic ornaments. Most inhabitants had brown hair and bright eyes. Soon PC's learned their travel was fruitless: Patrick went on to search for his lost wife. His brother-in-law, and village's mayor) knew his destination, but demanded help in exchange for information. After settling a deal (and additional payment of 10gp), heroes were hired to stop an monstrosity from swamps, that once seven years was haunting village. After a trip to swamps the found a stone phallic idol there and were witness to rising of undead monster. After short fight, during which it turned out that beast was once human and PC's attack were fruitless. Heroes learned that it was remains of nordic jarl, whose people were invited by villager's ancestors to live with them in harmony, but were betrayed and murdered. From that time on, he was damned to rise for a lunar month, once a seven years to wreck havoc and revenge upon children of Cedrica, his traitorous wife.


PC's made pact with him to lift the curse in exchange for one night of peace. They confronted mayor, asking him to prove informations and were guided to hal-elven sage, living on the outskirts. An old wizard confirmed jarl's story updating it with some informations. He told Cedrica was cruel and lustful woman and he barely remebers events, undead spoke of.

Chapter One: Averwest - Session 08 - Cloister of the Healing Dove part 2 of 2

Session was held on Saturday, February 2nd.


Next part of adventure began with searching corpse of witch, her room and interrogation of her soon-to-be victim. On the bookshelves they found many books and scrolls, but on the desk was a strange scroll laid. It became obvious, that it was radiating an evil aura. After some tries, PC's were able to read some phrases, concerning Father from Outer Void and an end of the world. Heroes decided it's time to destroy it.


There was one problem, apart from a scroll. PC have not found an angel's feather. The decided to search rest of the dungeon and after falling into one trap, the came upon an grotto filled strong, bright radiance. It's walls were covered wit strange, green crystal fungi. In the middle of floor a column was, from which light came. connal braced himself and boldly moved forward, reaching to the centre of radiance. Illumination faded and they looked at angel's feather.


Acquiring prize, PC's retreated from Dungeon, only to find surface changed. Sun war shining brightly, birds singing cheerfully, as some bad charm was lifted. As it was evening, they decided to spend night at woods border and during night observed an other party, camping in forest. The light fire and laid to rest but early in the morning small fight erupted. Before dawn other party moved. After short discussion on the morning, PC's investigated camp, only to come to conclusion it was brigands and goblins there.


PC's went back to Lakhell to inform bartender they were not able to find his post and to tell him of happenings under ruined Cloister. After equipping Carlin's, they decided to investigate mountains and the mysterious other party. After coming back and folowing wrong tracks, party reached lower highlands. Xandos almost broke his leg, but in silence hey reached outskirts of goblin's camp. Not wanting to attack without being provoked, the observed shaman calling familiar (a huge bat from high skies). Unfortunately something went wrong. Not surprising with the goblins, their sacrifice ran away (small, and very charming goat), familiar attacked goblins and hell broke loose. PC's retreated, took care of goat and went back to Lakhell.


Finishing their business, PC went back to Appleshade. Their suspicions concerning scroll's evil influence were proved right, when the saw rejuvenation of people spirits and new energy, that filled men, who were drowned in apathy.


Road to Appleshade was uneventful and pleasant. After arriving the found home for Carlin and met with Czakri and Old Man from the Attic. Connal referred to him their adventure, gave angel's feather and blessed him.

Chapter One: Averwest - Session 07 - Cloister of a Healing Dove part 1 of 2

At last we had a session on January,24th.

Everything began with Connal and Ren, making their way back home. In Stepplefalls the met with Xandos and pay a visit to ogre. It turned out that it's quite able when it comes to mechanical devices: he repaired mill stones, patched roof and enforced first floor to support his weight. Despite an odd and unpleasant feeling in the air, or maybe due to this, Connal blessed whole structure and after a meal the set of to Appleshade.


By the way, near Hieronymus' Grove party met a speed courier but made no attempt to stop him. Returning home was pleasant. Everybody joked and laugh, but it was Xandos, who was extraordinary surprise. During his absence Czakri was asking about him. Chakri is one of most beautiful girls in the village. Her charm is enhanced by aura of mystery, as her family is surrounded with secrets. They rarely participate in Appleshade's affairs, mind their own business and generally keep to themselves. Chakri almost never showed interest in local boys, what made her dream of of almost every human male. Xandos decided to meet her at town's market next day. Flanked by Ren and Connal he confronted her an made an appointment for evening. To envy of all others he were given a kiss on cheek and left standing like statue.


This evening whole party sneaked to Chakri's parents mansion and waited in bushes for girl. She lead them to the attic, where, as it turned out, her grandfather lived. One of few Appleshade's traditions is to moved aged person to the attic, so family members can live normally and elder one is not abused or ashamed by it's condition. Charki's grandfather, and eldrly male named Kahn with thick mane of black and white hair and full beard, asked PC's for help. He said that in his time he was also adventurer but made few mistakes in life. Several years ago he fell victim of curse and now, standing upon death's threshold pleaded to save his soul. Curse became obvious when he showed his twisted hands. Although arms were normal, hands were twisted upside down, so palms are facing up. As Old Man from the Attic said: Priest were unable to help him, but he came up with an idea. Many years ago he took up an angel's feather and later offered it to Ilmater's Cloister of Healing Dove. With this holy item and sincere prayer, he could be healed. So he asked PC's to return relic.


Xandos, Ren and Connal were deeply moved by his story and agreed. Chakri hired them as a caravan's guards and even followed them to summer festival on market, dancing, laughing and drinking applejuice with heroes. Later she allowed Xandos to take her home.


Next day party set off with a caravan. Body guarding job turned out to be boring and uneventful, at least for the first day. On the second, during way upward hill's slope, one of wagon's wheel broke. With Connal's help it was mended back together and caravan moved along. During third day they met an unit of soldiers under banners of local prince, heading toward Appleshade. By the evening, party arrived at Torak, a sad, depressing place, full of crumbling buildings, apathetic people and lousy neighbourhoods.


After spending night in tavern, brave trio head out to Cloister and Lakhel, a small town below it. Journey was boring, uneventful, if not counting Xandos flu. After arriving at Lakhel, party acquired rooms at local inn. PC learned that Cloister was burned few years ago, after mysterious and infamous happenings. When last patrons departed, bartender approached them, revealing he is priest of Helm, charged with duty of guarding Cloister's ruins. He told them story of monastery downfall: few years ago a wizardress, Arian Clearwater, became pregnant and left her new born child to Ilmater's priest. She could not afford rising it and wanted clerics to take care of it. They sent child to an orphanage in Cloister of Healing Dove. Few years later Arian returned and asked to take her child back. She was sent to Cloister, where she learned, her baby is dead. Although saddened and in grief, she learned that contrary to information she previously acquired, there were no children in orphanage. Suspicious, she began investigating case and soon discovered, children were sacrificed to Loviatar, whose cult was growing inside Cloister. She informed high priests of Ilmater and Helm about it and soon an expedition force was sent to purge, purify and cleanse.


Heroes boldly stated, the want to go and investigate site, so bartender asked them, if they can bring back his inn sign, a metal crafted sign made of monastery's bell heart. Next day band set off and travelled through darkened and hostile wood. Morale was low and everybody was in bad mood. By the evening, heroes saw a fire on the top of high hill. The also got a glimpse of ruined building. After sneaking up, Connal and Ren saw a giant, sitting by the campfire, murmuring to himself and obviously hurt. Connal tried to talk to beast but giant got up on his feat and charged, swinging club. Fight was short and fortunately no blood was spilled. After a healing touch and a miracle on behalf of Moradin, giant fall asleep. Given healing herbs to drink, he slept all night peacefully. on the morning he wandered off, following sign, laid with stones by heroes.


With first rays of the sun, PC's moved to Cloister. There they found tracks and signs of one-sided, brutal fight. Obviously monastery inhabitants and guards were caught with surprise, butchered and slain. Only handful of them offered resistance, testimony of which was bell, thrown at attackers from the tower. Extensive search revealed hidden staircase under floor of room, that was defender's last stand. Descending into labyrinth, heroes found pile of rotten books, desks and other items, hastily thrown into the cellar.


It turned out, that cellar the found was an extensive work, an small dungeon of itself. After little wandering, fight with skeletal remains of guards and Xandos's falling into spiked pits trap, heroes got to illusion-hidden final chamber. There, the found arch-priestess (former mother superior) who was finishing dark arcane ritual. Above bed of torture, trapped in bulb of force was an elder man levitating. She proved to be no match for fighting strength and was defeated. With her dying scream also sphere exploded, shattering it's quicksilver-like ball on many pieces.


Today I met with <font style=”font-weight: bold”>Jarecki</font> and <font style=”font-weight: bold”>Terentz</font> to covert their characters along with Paizo's <font style=”font-weight: bold”>Pathfinder</font> rules set. We spent about three hours chatting, joking as well as reshaping characters. The more I read <font style=”font-weight: bold”>Pathfinder</font> rules, the more I'm sure it should be released instead of D&amp;D 4 Edition. I guess, creators and contributors captured the spirit of third edition, made it fun and playable. At least every character has several paths of advancement and by it;s skills/feats only can inspire character-based adventures.


The only worry is, if <font style=”font-weight: bold”>Adrian</font> will make conversion on his own.


Next session is planned for January, 10th. I hope SÅ‚awek's character will be introduced.

Chapter One: Averwest - Session 06 - Fright at Tristor part 3 of 3

It was long time, since I post last note, as well quite a while since we played. Well, last session was fun for all (including even me) except for Terentz, who was bored out of his mind. If Adrian had not been late for 2 hours we would play together but it went all wrong. Never mind.

As a side note, I laminated several sheets of graph paper and used markers to draw situation plan. Experiment went quite good and helped to visualize combat around the Buren's farm.


The session began when Connal and Ren went back to Burren's farm and hide between bushes. Heavy mists arose from ground(I almost typed it "Mist" :-) ) blocking a line of sight, so heroes moved little closer. when they set up, they heard a roar from the nearby woods and out of fog terrible beast appeared. It was huge and muscular, with glowing eyes, blurred frame, thick plates, spikes, fangs and steel claws. It charged a house and met with Ren at the door. Combat erupted and brave monk was levelled down with fierce blows and (as it turned out later) treacherous poison. Connal rushed to friend's aid and with few well placed blows of his and spiritual hammer, chased beast to the woods. With the fog finally lifted, the were invited inside, where spent night at watch and rest. Following morning the set off Tristor to, only meet on he road mother in fear. Poor woman begged them to find, where her's little daughter is. Brave two agreed and began investigation. Following tracks and stream, the found child's shoe. After a short search the discovered a small cave, where bear lived. To their surprise animal has adopted little girl as her own cub. Little child thought it is quite fun to have bear of her own. Finally, she agreed to go home and set off with heroes. Poor bear stood motionless and moaned softly, as the retreated. After returning girl to home, Connal warned villagers of bear and asked them to treat animal kind.


It was all clear to the heroes, that happenings of late had something in common with hanging of rueni vagabond, twenty years earlier. Not knowing, who might be next target, they set off to find some clues. Alas, the found one in the butchered carcass of Tristor's Most Dangerous hunter. It was clear, he followed beast-bear and fell pray to stabbing knife. Connal and Ren decided to pay a visit to local witch. she was polite and charming but refused their help. Instead, she directed heroes to her friend, a local hermit. His cave was far away in woods, but Connal and Ren decided to take a look. What the found, was much different to their expectations.


Bolt from a crossbow was warning, that current inhabitant of cave does not welcome uninvited guest. Bear charged them but other bolts went off. After a short combat and chase, Connal captured tormentor of Tristor. Fright at Tristor was over. Or wasn't it?


With a prisoner captured, Connal sent for help and Helm's priest, who would rule the trial. In response an Blessed Aristoi with unit of 10 knights appeared. Trial lasted for three days of in-septh testimonies and was ended wit "guilty" verdict. As it turned out, twenty years earlier group of Riuvanni vagabounds were travelling in this area. The sold an fake potions of haling and went on. But, some of the imbibers were found dead. To enraged locals it was clear the died from mixture sold by strangers, not self-made alcohol. The chased the group, beaten everybody to bloody pulp, and hanged at Tristor's execution Tree. Only one boy was spared, to show him "mercy of Helm". Many years later, he came to seek revenge. Aristoi sentenced him to death, what boy took with bold laughter. After that, a severe and harsh judge sentenced to death all those, who arranged lynch. Connal and Ren head back to Appleshade.


In the meantime Xandos tried to rise puppies and teach them some human rules. He learned of pack structure and tried take leader's place. Without success. Not wanting to drown animals, he set off to find druid Hieronymus. One night, when camping in forest, wolves asked him to free them. After short argument and promising the won't hurt people, Xandos freed animals and watched them to disappear in the gloom and then turned around and head back home.

Chapter One: Averwest - Session 05 - Fright at Tristor part 2 of 3

On November 2nd we had another session. In the meantime we played on one ocassion but there were too many topics and too little roleplaying, to consider it a full game session.


Ren and Connal arrived at Tristor along with their new found friends. During travel they stumbled upon an old and sinister looking tree. It was a hangman tree, as old man said, but it's been long time, since last criminal was hanged there.


At Tristor they were reluctantly welcomed at protegee's house. Fed with dinner and given bath, Ren and Connal slept well. Next day they went to the city. Visisting inn they leaned few details about winter wolves. Innkeeper turned to be an ex-mercenary, hailing from Icewind Dale. Small talk at local shop turned up, that shopkeeper was quite Helm fanatic, claiming "wrong believers are to blame for recent disasters and anima slaughtering". Local blacksmith was able to repair Connal's armour. When the brace two was to take it back, they caught signs of tumult, at the town's gates. As it turned out, it was a boy on horse, who came to Tristor for help,because his family was brutally attacked. Instantly joining ranks of town guards, Ren and Connal set off to find out, what is happening.


After a long trip through dark forest, heroes cam upon an farmhouse. All was unnatural quiet and peaceful. Short investigation revealed some curious clues: main house was abandoned, barn burned out, livestock slaughtered and inhabitants missing. Not sure what to do, Ren and Connal stayed in house. In the small hours heroes heard an explosion, sound was coming from woods. Next morning they found bear's tracks and steel claw. Following tracks, Ren and Connal found path worming through woods and small glade with and lake. On the shore they found bodies of two adults, while in the water children's corpses was floating.


Following tracks deeper into woods, heroes came upon another farmstead, also burnt, with it's inhabitants slain and deep crater in the middle of yard. Here were also tracks of human and bear. Another bodies proved, that this attack was also successful. Curious thing, tracks disappeared at the base of the hill.


Heroes decided to head back. On the way they meet a local hunter, who mocked and threatened them and beside the hangman tree the found fresh flowers. Before they had a chance to investigate this mystery, they overheard moaning from bushes. As it turned out, it was Constable Parsons, beaten and dying from wounds. Connal invoked power of Moradin and healed him, s along with Ren, they rushed wounded to Tristor. From his malign whispering the learned, that Bosko farm is in danger. After delivering wounded to healer, the ran to farm. Goodman Bosko was reluctant to talk and did not want help, so heroes decided to watch over farm from hiding.

Chapter One: Averwest - Session 04 - Fright at Tristor part 1 of 3

Session was held as expected, on August 16th. Unfortunately, due to family obligations, Terentz was unable to show up. Weather was very climatic but would better fit to Ravenloft session, as we experienced violent storm, thunder and lightnings with torrents of heavy rain.


Adventure began from short synopsis of happened before. After resume, PC decided to split party. Xandos and Andala gathered winter wolf's puppies and set off to Appleshade. Idea was to present them to Xandos' father who will decide, if their peaceful upbringing is possible. In the meantime, Connal and Ren decide to travel to Tristor, a town in trouble, that was mentioned by Steeplefall's mayor.


Before leaving, the brave two opted for one day of rest to gather strength and rearranging supplies. The tried to find some informations about religion and historical topics (including strange sect of elves, that lived here). Quest for knowledge turned out to be fruitless and next day heroes set of to face real dangers and troubles.


The found them two days later at corner of the forest road, where a couple of village commoners were attacked by an monostrosity. Beast turned out to be starving owlbear. After short and vicious fight, attacker was slain. Grateful peasants thanked heroes and invited them to their house. During conversation, Connal and Ren learned that girl and her grandfather were intending to leave farm,a s cattle was slaughtered by mysterious monster. No one hear it coming and only marks of bite were left behind as a trail. Fearing evil sorcery, the decided to find shelter in nearby town Tristor.


After meal and quick investigation, heroes prepared to guard and rest on ground level, while house inhabitants on the first floor. In the dead of the night a cat appeared, whose hiss warned Connal of incoming troubles. With savage roar and brutal force, a group of grin-skinned, horned and armed with assaulters broke into the house. A bloody and vicious fight erupted. Fighting two against the four, defending back to back, Connal and Ren was able to slain night-intruders, who turned out to be orcs.


Next day, all four travelled to Tristor. Passage was relatively peaceful and uneventful. Only passing by an old gallow tree was very unpleasant sensation. Voyage ended in house of grandfather's relative house (a family renowned for making cheese) with dinner and bath.


Fights gave result of level advancing and loot. As usual there were to many off-topics but always pleasant and entertaining. Sitting players at table (instead of letting them disperse around a room) was a good move, they were more focus and cooperative with each other.


Due to my family plans and vacations, next term was not specified. I will set it upon return from holiday.

Chapter One: Averwest - Session 03 - Small Beginnings part 3 of 3 and Night of the Straw Men

Session began with the reminder of the last adventure. After short conclusion, PC began arguing about the fate of Winter Wolf's puppies. Subduing the bravest of them, Xandos gathered little animals in cave and blocked path out of it with a branch.


Party returned to Master Aurelius and informed him about Maya's fate. Also they asked him about his inquires in local area and mysterious ruins nearby. The were quite surprised, when he told, he was working on history of small elven community and cult, believing in uniting elven race. Meantime Xandos returned and gathered puppies.


Packing his belongings and providing them to invisible servants, whole group left for Steeplefalls. Although locals were concerned about tragedy on lake's shore, it seemed nothing can disturb the festival. PC's were quite surprised that village's main priest left, to tend over dry fields.


When the sun set down, feast began. On the wooden platform sat mayor and junior priest, Letru, before them on square people danced, drank beer and had fun. Ren and Xandos were picking girls, Connal and Andala danced. Nobody saw, what bas about to happen.


It was before midnight when something strange occurred. At first people thought it's pat of the fest, but weave of fear spread across square. strange, hooded and caped figure crossed place and climbed up the stairs. Announcing "The bigger is sin, the bigger scarecrows comes after sinner!" it threw hat away and blazed with fire from eyes cut out of huge pumpkin. With this words scarecrow jumped at Letru and broke his spine with one mighty blow.


Terrified people screamed and ran. Panic broke up. Ren was first to join the fight, and first to feel wrath of scarecrow. Although he was joined with Connal and Xandos (all fighting improvised weapons), he was severely beaten. With a luck and preservance, Xandos and Connal defeated scarecrow, which collapsed.


Immediately a messenger was sent to Monastery, to get help. Cleric was able to stabilize Ren,but Letru's wounds were to serious to heal him completely. Shadow of death withdrew but left him paralysed.


Next morning began with more healing and investigation. Xandos inspected fields and was assured that one of the scarecrows were missing. Neither field's owner, nor owner of the wagon, where scarecrow was hiding knew anything useful.


Meantime mayor told Connal about troubles in the city of Tristor, priest of Chantea returned only to be more concerned with strange happenings of the last night. session ended with plans for immediate future.


Next session is planned for August 16th.

Chapter One: Averwest - Session 01 - Small beginnings part 1 of 3

Yesterday we had a first session in campaign. Unfortunately, Terentz was unable to show up due to family issues. We wish him best luck and hope, he will be present next time. Especially for him we'll move term to Saturdays, about 8PM.


Adventure began with a journey. Group, consisting of Ren, Connal, and Andala set off to find a wizard, camping nearby Ice Crystal Lake. As the road wormed through fields of wheat, was dry and sandy, they decided to change course a little and cross small woods, called Hieronim's Groove. Forest was familiar to them, as they visited it in childhood, searching for mushrooms, wild berries and herbs. Before sundown young trio found a clearing in wood, which suited their camping needs. Unusual feature of glade was small source of always fresh and cold water and two meter high rock sitting above it. While Connal was searching for wood to light the fire, Andala was looking for herbs and Ren was preparing bedrolls. Trio spent whole evening eating, drinking hot tea, talking small talk and enjoying calm, warm summer night.


First watch (Ren's) went relatively peaceful. On the second one (Connal's) he began hearing strange noises coming out of woods. Intrigued he tried to examine them, but fall painfully, stumbling on roots. Whole group awakened and began searching source of noise. As it turned out, squawking and bleating was coming not from river's banks but from small ravine, shielded by old, thick trees. Trio entered it and found a strange, horned creature hiding inside it. Ren was sure it's trap, so he stayed back, hidden and on guard. Connal and Andala crept forward, only to find out small stag, trapped in snares. Poor animal had been terrified and almost bled to death, but with Moradin's healing magic was cured. After short struggle, Ren and Connal managed to open snare's jaws and free animal. Freed of trap and fed with carrots, it followed them to camp, where Connal cleared stag's wounds and fed it with more vegetables.


Soon after party moved on. Small stag left them at forest's border and trio set back on road. Soon the approached Ulsen's Rock. Before the reached, they found a horse, grazing beside the road. Quick inspection provided some interesting informations: animal apparently belonged to courier of Donal's Arrow messaging company, in it's travelling bags were hidden three sealed letters. Charging Andala with task of guarding horse, Connal and Ren went to look for missing courier. On fields beside the Rock they saw pack of lambs. Wounding it's way through rock, the were shouting for courier. To their surprise, it was not a human that responded, but three metres tall brute, shouting: "Thieves! Sheep-stealers!", charging upon them and swinging heavy club. Fight that erupted was quick and brutal. It outcome was beaten ogre, lying senseless on ground and few bruises on Ren's and Connal's bodies. The main problem was a grim discovery in in ogre's lair. In surprisingly well maintained camp the found chopped and half cooked courier's body…


Faced with such problem and unwilling to deal swift justice by own hands, Connal and Ren decided, than the latter one will travel to nearby village, to alert local authorities. Ren jumped on horse and sped to Steeplefall. At first he was greeted with suspicions (after all he was riding horse, that belonged to courier, last seen two days ago). After quick explanations, there was a large group assembled that set off to Ulsen's Rocks, to bring an ogre to town. Meanwhile Connal found hidden cache with ogre's armour, little amount of cash (7gp, 23 sp and 68 cp).


Back in town, with ogre thrown to cellar under a storage, whole company took rest in tavern. Next day began from constructing gallows's pole. As the whole town prepared for The Night of Straw Men holiday, execution was seen as a additional attraction. When ogre had been finally pulled out of jail, he was cowering, crying and begging for mercy. Apparently poor creature knew what fate it was facing… It's fear and despair must moved not only Connal and Ren, but also Mayor Olbred and Chauntea's priest Leiru and sowed a seed of doubt in their hearts. After quick interrogation, they learned ogre was attacked by courier and defended it's stock of sheep. Taught to eat human meat by the Zhentarim, with whom he served as a mercenary, he prepared meal but otherwise meant no harm to humans. All ogre wanted, was to live peacefully and tending his sheep. Taking those facts under consideration, mayor and priest decided to spare creature's life. He was ordered to serve as a grinder operator in nearby watermill. He'd work there and generate income, so would be able to buy out sheep he stole and than set free, when the time is right.

With this matter settled, session ended.


<font style=”font-style: italic”>PC solved two Encounter Level 1 quests and one Encounter Level 4 quest, were additionally rewarded for creative and good role playing, so accumulated enough xp to advance 2nd level.</font>



Hieronim's Grove – was called after the name of druid, that protected small wood. He was an old man in times of PC's parents youth, so is believed to be dead. Some say he never existed. Truth is far from that.


Ulsen's Rock was called after a band of brigands and highwaymen that made home inside it's cavern's. They were put to sword long ago.


Next session is planned on July 5th.


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