Forgotten Epic: To Epic and Beyond!

Chapter Four: Shadowdale - Session 30 - Against the drow part 1 of 2

Last session was held on Saturday, April 3rd and we met at Adrian's place. Unfortunately there were only three of us, as Terentz was unable to show due to his commitment's to Star Wars campaign he's involved in too.


Session began with shopping: selling loot, buying new equipment and wandering around the city of Urmlaspyr. First of all heroes set out to find a forge, where the could make an armour of dragonhide. Of three ones available, the magical one was chosen. Although run by wizard not blacksmith, and propelled with fire elemental instead of traditional oven, it was chosen and for a price of 1000gp after four weeks armour was finished. With help of Avelon heroes sold loot and bought some magical items, re-equipped themselves, made visits to their gods' shrines, ate a delicious meal at best tavern and had fun. Also, Ren was stunned with possibility of making shopping at Aurora's store, which he used with delight.


After week and half, "Sky Mill" raised anchor and set sail to open sea. After vanishing from watchers' eyes, ship climbed into air and flew over lands of Sembia and Cormyr into Dalelands. Crossing over deep woods and glimmering rivers, fields full of crops and orchards, flying ship arrived at Shadowdale and mad landing on Mirrorman's lake near watermill. After short introduction to two guardsmen, heroes moved to village. They were shocked with sight of Lathander's Temple in form of huge, glass pink swan, disappointed with Elminster's tower (squat, curved two-storeys tower surrounded by bushy garden). After leaving a letter to wizard in his postbox and short chat with Lhaeo, his servant and secretary, heroes moved to village, where a weekly market and festival was held. An evening of games, drinking and dancing was much priced reward after a long and perilous adventures.


Next day heroes moved to meet Bard of Shadowdale, a famous Storm Silverhand. Her farm was a short walk from centre of village. Lovely house surrounded by trees, flowers and ringing with birdsong, children laugh welcomed them with hawk face of man, sitting on a bench. He greeted heroes and told he will look after wife, "unless she's in Aglarond now". while waiting heroes noted unusual mask on shelf above fire place. Storm returned from garden and welcomed guest, weaving them to kitchen. While preparing chicken soup they chatted about prophecy and Storm advised to seek some answers in Candlekeep. Menwhile she mentioned that if heroes help Lhaeo with some tasks, he will arrange meeting with Elminster.


It turned to be true. In exchanging of garden arrangement, cleaning base of tower and household, appointment was set. Ren spent night in tree form and had a short but pleasant chat with elderly wizard. Next day all PC's met with Elminster, who advised them to seek opinion of greatest of all wizards, long dead by his own actions Karsus. To seek his aid the were to find a portal, leading back in time. Fortunately one was nearby, although it lead to moment 600 years before Karsus' birth. As heroes opted to search for it, Elminster asked them to deliver a book to his friend, a deep gnome hermit.


Heroes poked around Shadowdale for two weeks, awaiting aurora's delivery, but after receiving items (among the others armour of black dragon hide and Bag of Holding) the set out to descend to Underdark. So the wend below and found gnomish hermit tortured by band of drow. fight erupted and despite advantage in numbers, drow were defeated but Kyrils was slain in course of combat, while Avelon unleashed negative energy on her foes, doubling suspicions where her faith actually falls.


Behind the Screen

- Mask and Storm's husband are legacies of campaign ran by me ten years ago. Mask belonged to Adrian's long time running character Gilliand, who was destroyed by Bane during Second Battle of Shadowdale and merged with a waive. Storm's man, Krzywonos, is former character of cool friend of mine, Darek.

- Jarod finally placed his faith in Tymora.

- Fight with band of drow was designed to check, how Pathfinder rules go along with quite large combat with many participants. Result are quite disappointing, as there is many rules to remember, contradicting effects that slow game down.

Chapter Three: Goro Goro Island - Session 29 - Dark beyond part 1 of 1

After Ur, king of the apes was slain, heroes lifted their ship and regrouped. At first the were going to fly away, but alter decided to explore city one more time. Jarod and Ren set out, aided by newly acquired powers of Connal's faith. Their mission was rewarded with some informations: apes lived normally, despite propositions, that demon's essence gave them ability to reason, his disappearance went unseen, at leas it was to early to tell of it's consequences. Ren decided to search library and found some ancient texts and magical scrolls. Meanwhile Jarod found out secret treasure room with throne, two platinum bracelets and mysterious 12 skulls, belonging to elves, humans, apes and dwarf. After some debate, as well as some spells cast, heroes put them into bag.


Ship was lifted out of volcano and set back for returning voyage. Curious about the skulls, heroes tried to activate them, destroy after finding the were vessels of souls and when it turned out to be impossible, they set sails for Togo. Nian was unable to provide answers but was also amused by elven skulls. It almost looked like she recognize them… Finally "Sky Mill" was anchored to Ancient and forgotten city's towers. Heroes descended and soon found first awakened city's inhabitants. They were in poor physical condition, an effect of long sleep and addiction to lotus, but still were working on removing Maggog's insignias and monuments. The greeted PC's with respect and manners and lead them to meet with Lammasu.


A magical creature greeted heroes with warm smile and joy. It introduced them to small flock of awakened ones, described their current situation and doings and invited heroes to small celebration. Before it, PC's decided to check, if Maggog is certainly put to rest. His hiding place was deserted: standing stones and pool disappeared without a trace and only gnawed bones of victims remained.


During feast at base of octagonal tower, Lammasu revealed a gift for heroes. He knew they are good and just people so decided to use his divine powers to reveal future before them. What he learned exceeded his expectations. First of all, he asked heroes what the know about Toril and it's twin world Abeir. He wanted to know, if they met people on Faerun, who visited Averwest. Heroes responded that the the have not, while several people was aware of Averwest existence, there was no one, who personally visited island.


It was because, explained Lammasu, Averwest belonged to Abeir, not Toril. Connal responded that amnish traders erected city and conducted trade with Mastica. Lammasu acknowledged it, marking that heroes arrived in Toril, too. The fact was, Averwest existed in both worlds, was a nexus, a common point between them. Moreover, island was composed of mix of elements belonging to one and other world.

It could explained some strange phenomena and inconsistencies like Nordmen invasions, sudden monster's activity and other.


Second news was a dark vision of future awaiting Toril. In ten to fifteen years a Cataclysm was to fall on world. Magic is going to turn into disease, continents shift, seas rise and mouintains fall down. Abeir was to return and take place of some part of Toril. As Averwest directly in the middle, it was impossible to tell whether it survives or will be destroyed.


Last information was also disturbing. there was someone on Averwest, who was aware of dark future and was taking steps to preserve island as it's own private dominion, protected and cut completely from outside worlds. While it could save many lives, that new heaven could become a hell. Who it was, Lammasu was not able to tell.


Conversation was interrupted by Bale, one of awakened, who openly voiced his disgust for low existence, life full of hardships and rejection of old ways. He got himself involved in dispute with Connal and Ren, but was outwitted and rejected even by his former comrades and finally ran. Feast continued and heroes inquired Lammasu about mysterious skulls the found when it chocked. With a look of surprise on it's face, it stared down on crossbow bolt, that pierced his chest. Bale returned with a weapon and beast to back him up. A huge serpent, the Crawler, followed him. It was a vicious monster, constrictor with poisonous teeth. Quick knife throw of Jaarod disabled Bale, but Crawler attacked. People ran out screaming, while Xandos charged bellowing. Fight was short and vicious, heroes surrounded beast (which smashed Bale). Xandos was able to escape murderous clutches and furiously attacked beast, but once again it was Ren that delivered final blow.

In the meantime, Avelon and Rainer healed Lammasu, for a second time saving his life.


Next day heroes began to prepare to leave. The visited astrologist laboratory, where they found a brass machinery, moving map that showed movement of Goro-Goro and others flying islands. While Ren was opting for taking it on board of "Sky mill" or at least copying it, there was no way to do it. Instead PC's drawn map of island's journey and resupplied ship. They were ready to leave Goro-Goro.


And so, next morning "Sky Mill" raised anchor and flown on to border and fall down, to Toril. With Kyril at helm the safely arrived at Sea of Fallen stars (island was passing over Cormyr). Safely put down, ship set course for Urmalspyr, where heroes were going to sell some loot and re-equip themselves before going to Shadowdale for it's sage advice.


Behind the Courtain
– Jarod gained level.
– The Crawler (A Legendary Sea Serpent) was no match for heroes and hadn't meet expectation for CR 12 monster.
– Finally, after almost two years of playing first mysteries began to solve themselves.
– Adrian called me next day after session to thank me and said he enjoyed it very much. It was so great for me.
– It was second session in that room at Adrian's flat and as well as first one, it was great. I think that minimalistic surrounding enhance concentration on game.

Chapter Three: Goro Goro Island - Session 28 - Land, the time forgot part 6 of 6

Heroes returned to "Sky Mill" and prepared to final part of fighting Maggog. After merging iryllium with a ship, it raised in the air and began journey. It lasted three days, below ship a landscape of savannah passed, great rivers and lakes. Heroes observed huge herds of animals venturing, tribes of humans and lizardmen. Finally a verdant jungle below appeared. Ren and Jarod observed strange flying lizards, while below heroes spotted several hamlets, sacrificial places and tails of some huge animals. After not especially quiet night, the moved up an dormant volcano, that loomed before them, appearing similarly to one, the saw in vision. "Sky Mill" slowly climbed up and finally reached lip of crater. It passed it without troubles, but real danger awaited ahead. To heroes surprise, their ship was hurled down and almost crushed with a wall. Volcano was an empty shell with bed of mists below. With a help of summoned air elemental, it was saved before crash and slowly set down on trees.


As it turned out, heroes arrived to truly lost world: a primordial forest of dinosaurs and plentiful life. Ren, Connal, Jarod, Xandos, Kyril and Avelon decided to scout ahead. Soon the found a plateau with a walled city upon it. The decided to go on and soon, on rice fields the met with city's inhabitants. Grey apes cried with horror and ran to the gate, calling for help. Soon five guards appeared and attacked. fight was fierce and apes were defeated, but more and more were approaching, so heroes withdraw.


Quick debate erupted and heroes decided to spy in a city. Jarod and Ren set out and quickly climbed walls. City was magically lit, full of houses, taverns and paved roads. Outermost ring was inhabited by commoners, middle by noble apes, who were pursuing topics of philosophy, art, science. In the middle of city there was a pagoda serving as throne room of Ape-King Ur, who was incarnation of Maggog's final soulpiece. Jarod was able to spy on him and he learned, he knew of characters and decided to hunt them. Apes turned out to be good and aware guardsmen and quickly found both Ren and Jarod. They were able to escape, but not without difficulties.


Heroes gathered in forest to discuss options. At first the wanted to attack the city, but realised they could not be successful. Later wanted to lure ape-king into a trap but that would mean fighting in natural territory of apes, so they decided to turn the tables.


Upon returning to the "Sky Mill" heroes began to preparations. When they were completed, ship was moved onto plateau and heroes waited. As the expected, ape king came with guard of five elite warriors, all riding raptors. The invaded a ship and final confrontation began. During fight Kyril was forced to jump off a ship, but was caught by plants. Both pirates died at hands of apes, Ren and Xandos were hurled odd the deck but in the end ape-king was slain and finally Maggog's soul banished.

Chapter Three: Goro Goro Island - Session 27 - Land, the time forgot part 5 of 6

We met at Jarecki's place and played without Adrian, who was forced to withdraw due to conflicting obligations. As he was unable to send me a character sheet, I decided he assumed treant form.


Heroes crept up to gnolls' camp, briefly considering storming it but finally opted for returning to dungeon. While the were resting, their flying raft appeared, Avelon came to them as she promised. All aboard they got back to besieged city and met with vampire-queen. After brief discussion, the all decided it is time to read scroll and face mysterious overlord of an army.


Next day group gathered near gate and was about to to activate a scroll, when a noise exploded from gonlls' camp. Curious and intrigued, heroes summoned their raft and ascended. Quickly it became clear, that shamans of the army are constructing magical ramps of <font style=”font-style: italic”>stone shaped</font> earth, that will lead invaders over the walls. Xandos and Jarod fired volley of arrow, while Kyril smashed enemies with a fiery <font style=”font-style: italic”>fireball</font>. Gnolls' archers answered with their own missiles, hitting Avelon. Girl was pierced directly between breasts with an poisoned arrow. . Thanks to Connal's healing powers, she was saved and cured. Reluctantly she agreed to follow group with their quest.


Kyril read the scroll, noting that it's a beautiful script. When he finished spelling, a blue bubble of light appeared and heroes entered portal. On the opposite side they found forest and mountains. It was quite strange landscape, as it was more belonging to northern ecosphere, than tropical one the were accustomed on island. Xandos found some tracks leading either from lake (it could be seen between trees) to rocks or the opposite. Heroes chose to follow them a and went up to mountains. Soon their pat was blocked by rocks and trails were cut. Jarod climbed up and was able to take a look. Obviously portal lead them into mountains that circled swampy lake. Above it was hanging a heavy fog, obscuring sky and sun alike.


Heroes turned and went down this time, finally arriving at lake's shore. Surface was dotted with small grass patches, stones and in the middle of it there was an island visible with a few trees and mound. While they were poking around, something moved underwater and wave of acid goo hit some of them. Deciding it is best to get to an island, heroes began to jump from one patch to other, while Ren (still in treant form) entered the swamp. Just when he and Xandos and Connal on his branches got to an island, an enemy presented itself. With deafening roar of anger, covered in mud and filth, a monster apperaed. Instantly it was hit by Kyril's fireball but obviously his spell was not able to harm monster. Burned mud fell off, unveiling glossy black dragon! It was beast of nightmares with vicious horns, hooks, burning red eyes, even more terryfing than normal wyrm. Jarod and Avelon were scarred but managed to keep up and they did all they could but greatest burden fell on Xandos shoulders. He was fighting like true highlander, backed by Connal's healing powers, aided by Jarod's flanking maneuvers and Ren's treeman strength. Dragon turned out to be host of second part of Maggog's soul and driving force behind gnoll's invasion. Beast fought fierceand was tough opponent, but finally heroes managed to slay the beast and claim it's treasures.


On the wall in it's cave there were strange, unfinished carvings and magical mirror, While heroes searched lair for treasures, Xandos and Kyril skinned and butchered dragon's corpse.


Defeating gnolls' overlord was one thing but dealing with them was other. After activating it became obvious that gnolls were back at work, trying to reach city walls. Connal came wit an interesting idea: he cast "Wind Walk" spell on himself and passed through mirror with dragon's skull in hand. He shouted boldly "I'm your god, I slayed your master and now bow to me!" Effects of his statement hit gnolls directly and horde fell on the knees. At his orders and under influence of his rhetorics, they turned back instantly and marched into mountains. Connal chose one of shamans and ordered him to stay. At first he was trying to persuade him or got him replaced by plannar ally, but vampire queen got other idea. Using her mind-control powers she dominated him and sent back to join his people. And so new gnolls' culture were born.


Feast and celebration followed and after five days of festival heroes decided to go back to "Sky Mill". They were keen to go home as well as to find third and final piece of demon's soul. Back at ship they installed metal into ship body, while Mystra's priest finally cast spell that preserved microclimate on ship.


<font style=”font-style: italic”>Behind the Courtain</font>

Xandos advanced on 10th level of experience.

Jarod advanced on 9 th level of experience.

I was quite surprised with Jarecki's and Terentz cheers, when it turned out it was dragon they faced.

As usual, an unexpected idea appeared, this time in form of manipulating gnoll's army.

I was prepared for option, heroes will be willing to deal with siege first.

Chapter Three: Goro Goro Island - Session 26 - Land, the time forgot part 4 of 6

Last session was held on January 6th and complete crew was present. Once again players surprised me, proving that each RPG session is new experience and event of its own.


We bagan play where we finished last session. Heroes searched room expedition was searching only to find some valuables beside corpses (most of their possessions were destroyed in blast of <font style=”font-style: italic”>fireball</font> and <font style=”font-style: italic”>flamestrike</font>). Major feature of the room were three blank, anonymous sarcophagi. Most left slab was moved beside and inside of grave heroes found mummified corpse. It was strange one indeed, as it was about human size with clawed hands and long jaws, full of sharp teeth. there were no signs of trauma on bodies and no tracks of violence or escape. Search for additional clues proved nothing, so the heroes began to explore dungeon.


Next room turned out to be real challenge. As Xandos smashed doors, he felt a heavy gaze upon him and he turned to stone. Next was Jarod who as a first one faced a basilisk hidden inside room. Fight erupted and with help of Kyril's <font style=”font-style: italic”>fireballs</font> monster and two of it's kind were defeated. Heroes took some rests so Connal could exchange his spells and next morning reversed pertrfication effects. In the meantime Avelon was sent back to halfling's town. Whit sundown near, Jarod sneaked to gnoll's rear camp. He found there two shamans and general's guard. He was also able to sneak inside warlord's tent where he found a barbarian's throne. While searching tent, he heard commanding voice from behind. He turned around to find a magical mirror in which a dark figure loomed. It screamed and demanded response form "Rarg", finally hissing, that "city won't be burned, until search is complete".


Jarod returned to his companions and gave a report. Group resumed their search, finding prison, kitchen, private chambers and burial grounds. some rooms were filled with trash, other sunken. During exploration heroes defeated several undead, huge scorpions and other monsters. They decided to cover up some tracks and hidden mummified bodies of ratmen or wererats, as the thought of them. Finally heroes entered a small, prison-like chamber, where the found a strange creature. It had a body of lion, wings of eagle and head of human bearded sage. Lammasu explained that it was imprisoned here long ago by a neither living nor dead evil wizard. It was chained to the ground with magical chain robbing him of his powers. Lammasu was not able to break it but Xandos did it without effort. Freed creature thanked gently and asked, how it can repay debt. Heroes told it of besieged city and black lotus plague. As Lammasu was creature of advise and healing, it promised to help.


<font style=”font-style: italic”>Behind the Courtain</font>

Jarod advanced on 8th level of experience.

Connal advanced on 10th level of experience.

Xandos advanced on 9th level of experience.


I was expecting heroes will use scroll of teleportation to head up to main mastermind behind invasion but the chose differently :-)


Players surprised me with returning to case of Black Lotus addiction.

Chapter Three: Goro Goro Island - Session 25 - Land, the time forgot part 3 of 6

Last session was held on December 4th, at Adrian place. I had straight plan: a little dungeon crawl and final showdown with gnoll leader. It unfolded as I expected but with a little twist.


After defeating guards, heroes entered a tunnel, with Jarod leading the party. He searched for traps, found none and heard some noises coming from a complex. He spotted open door and lead group to a chamber lit by fluorescent fungi. There the found a sarcophagus. During search a trap was sprung and Connal fell into pit. Fortunately almost no damage was done.


PC decided to follow trail of gnolls. They crossed few rooms and in one of them was attacked by a manticore. Fight was fierce and short, due to Xandos physical prowess, and finally beast was killed. Heroes wondered during fight, how beast got inside a dungeon and after it's death it turned out it was a magical artefact. Unfortunately when it returned to it's original form, a a little stone figurine, it was badly damaged and apparently useless.


Pursue after gnolls was only interrupted by stacked door. When party tried to force blocked door, heroes wondered how it was possible, they heard voices. After smashing them to pieces it became obvious door was bolted with purpose, gnolls were aware of someone following their trail.


Finally a showdown took place. Fight erupted in two chambers and party consisting Jarod, Connal, Ren, Xandos and Kyril faced four gnolls, a shaman, two fiendish trolls and three fiendish gnolls, with a general as one of them. Hurling spells, Mask of Skull and shooting bows heroes wrecked destruction, slaying all of the weaker opponents. Then they faced trolls and other gnolls in archway. After tough confrontation, only one side was standing in aftermath and it were heroes!


<font style=”font-style: italic”>Behind the Courtain</font>

- Ren advanced on 8th level.

- Final fight took about 2,5-3 hours to resolve.

- Me and party got upset a lot with rules. There are to many modifiers, rules, situational modifiers to remember. In the heat of battle I tend to forgot about them (for example my favourite rules concerning terrain). I have a plan of making special cards, but isn't it what new <font style=”font-weight: bold”>WFRP</font> is about?

- It is pretty weird that five seasoned players (not only in RPG but also miniature wargames, boardgames etc.) have issues with mechanics that is almost year in use. Despite my initial enthusiasm towards <font style=”font-weight: bold”>Pathfinder</font> I begin to consider it to much complicated. No wonder former player had constant difficulties with rules of combat and magic.

Chapter Three: Goro Goro Island - Session 24 - Land, the time forgot part 2 of 6

Last session was held on Friday, November 6th. We met late evening in Adrian's flat and after little to long off-topic talks began playing.


First of all guys told Terentz of their late accomplishments, new party members and current situation. Heroes exchanged gear (Xandos received Mask of Skull, and gave Jarod his Braces of Archery) and began to prepare plans. While Ren was investigating moonstone tower, Avelon and Connal prepared "stone garden", field of stoneshaped spikes, protecting one of town sides, instructed to dig pitfalls and surveyed fields. Jarod helped to gather scorpions, snakes and other poisoning materials, as well as rocks that could be hurled upon enemies. Xandos gathered agogwe warriors and tried to understand their tactics.


Night has fallen and army of gnolls swept down from hills. Carrying torches, singing warsongs and beating drums, they encircled city and made camp. Jarod decided to sneak out and make reconnaissance. First he crept up to gnolls preparing ladders and crude siege machines, than he followed messenger to concentration point and with help of "mage hand" he stole piece of parchment with some writing on it. Quickly returning to city, Jarod presented his spoils and PC learned that one of gnolls was: "right, due to localisation of target in the hills". Heroes quickly decided to check this out.


Flying raft was prepared and the flew into the night. Soon from darkness points of light emerged and PC's decided to investigate smaller cluster. Soon it turned out that it is camp beside ruined temple. From inside of it, hidden in side of hill, emerged light and entrance was guarded by several gnolls. Heroes mad landing and sent Jarod and Ren first. The took positions and waited while heavy armoured tanks attacked. With monsters attention turned to them, Jarod sneak attacked and soon all gnolls were killed. Second wave of them appeared from inside of hill, as well as horned, devil-looking troll and soon fight was on again. Twin troll appeared but was paralysed by Connal. Soon both monsters were slain, as well as gnolls and PC peered inside forgotten temple.


<font style=”font-style: italic”>Behind the Courtain</font>

- Xandos reached 8th lvel of experience.

- Jarod reached 7th level of experience.

- We have used rules for concealment during combat and blind fighting feat turned out to be handy (for example Ran, who lacked it, missed all his attacks in one turn).

- Jacek discovered we were making some mistakes. He is well learned in rules, I hope with his help will be able to play along the rules. After all, Pathfinder is a 400 pages long with about 300 pages of rules. Even former player had difficulties with grasping mechanics of his spells.


- Next session is planned on Saturday, November 28th.

Chapter Three: Goro Goro Island - Session 23 - Land, the time forgot part 1 of 6

We met last Saturday in the same group and picked up adventure, where it was left on last session. Unfortunately I was forced to cut game short, due to unexpected problems. It turned out that nothing serious damage were done but we had to finish early. I'd like to thank all my true friends for their support. God bless you all.


Heroes returned to "Sky Mill" and found ship surrounded with floating lilies. Lights shone upon them and small tribals were cahnting all around ship-island. Ren descended down engulfed with illumination (thanks to ring of featherfalling Light and predistigation spells). With help of Connal's "Tongues" spell he addressed tribesmen. All warriors fall upon knees and only shaman dared to speak. Roots and branches of ship-island transported him on deck, where he told his tale. He lead warriors of his nation, guided by the prophecy telling of flying island, which masters will save their city. A shadow of war befall upon their city and they were humbly asking for help. Heroes responded the will gladly help them but first have some urgent matters to finish.


Next day Ren and Connal talked with priest of Mystra and made a plan for creating micro climate, which would allow plants on ship survive in more harsh environment. Than they placed Carlin in safe place, prepared plans for placing iryllium inside ship and set off.


First day party crossed savannah. Tribesmen, who turned out to be halflings (rotting corpse one of them was found in the jungle) entered a dream-like state and ran as one pack with raft flying above them. Second day Connal used raft to transport them above forest, forbidden city and down the waterfall. Another day have passed and PC entered a ring of fields that encompassed city. Guarded by wall of thorns, it was composed of clay huts build around smaller circle of hedges. Inside it a tower of milky-white stone rose and palace of queen was built.


Heroes were led directly to queen chambers, where they were left only in company of slim, slender guards. soon the found themselves in throne room, where in common tongue greeted them pale, charming elf maid. She was very interested in their endeavours and adventures, as well as in state of world. She introduced herself as Nyan. She revealed that she was living and ruling city as queen for two generations now and she adopted island as her shelter before harsh and oppressive world. When asked what kind of oppression she escaped and how it is possible she is living so long, she revealed long vampire fangs. She confessed her former friends tried to kill her, despite she never took life of sentient being. Thanks to power of moonstone, beside which was situated her palace, she was free from hunger of blood.


but there was a problem, she could not solve aloone. In mountains nearby a horde of <font style=”font-style: italic”>mabu</font> or gnolls, gathered and was marching to raze city. She knew one particularly powerful gnoll was leading army, probably pushed forward by Gammog, a demon, hiding in mountains.


Heroes, as one could expected, boldly stated, the will help defending city. Connal, Xandos and Kyril overseen preparations for defence, while Ren and Jarod scouted ahead, learning that army of gnolls is much closer than everyone thought. A day of travel on foot they spotted three organised columns, marching as an army and sending pathfinders. They quickly returned to the city and began making plans how to stop, disorganise army or eliminate its leader.


<font style=”font-style: italic”>Behind the Courtain</font>

I was forced to finish session earlier than I expected but we will meet on Friday and finish session.

I created a common on-line calendar to help organise sessions.

Chapter Three: Goro Goro Island - Session 22 - Darkness Below part 1 of 1

Last week we finally gathered to play, meeting on Saturday, 17th. This time session was held at Adrian's place, we sat around a table and welcomed new player, Jacek. Terentz was absent due to family meeting.


We began with recollection of previous adventures, introducing of characters and describing close surroundings. PC searched Maggog's chamber, finding few magical items: Mirror of Opposition, Pearls of Power and Mask of Skull. Close inspection of stone revealed the were marked with carvings resembling part of keys. Two burning with darkness led to outer dark and were quickly closed, one less active gave Connal glimpse of plateau, volcano and primordial forest, where second part of demons essence dwell.


There were one more curious thing: a well full of black, oily liquid. Xandos descended and returned after short while, describing a dark cave, that were under well, sight very similar to one he saw under Kuldahar. This time whole party climbed down and began to explore cave. After meeting two different and dangerous kinds of fungi, the found a valley and bodies of small creatures there. Before the had a chance to inspect them closely, darkness fall upon them (all but Connal) and the were attacked by pack of strange creatures. Connal created daylight which scarred grimlocks and the run away. Fireball blast destroyed them but fight was far from over. As it turned out below ceiling levitated four or five strange beings who tried to posses PCs. After being bombarded by spells and suffering amount of damage three of them ran. PC discovered tunnel by which grimlocks got on their level, but withdraw to recover (Avelon, Carlin and Kyril were paralysed).


Next time it was PC's turn to launch attack. The descended through tunnel and discovered a cave, where some creatures worked on veins of metal under guard of grimlocks and under supervision of three dark beings. As soon as PC's entered a cave, they were attacked by grimlocks and slaves. Masters controlled them from above and hurled their powers at heroes. PC killed grimlocks and tried to spare slaves. Finally they killed all but one masters (it were illithids) and freed prisoners. Last one used plane shift ability too escape. Fight was brutal and hard, Avelon was wounded as well Kyril, but it was Carlin who took greatest damage. He was struck by Ray of enfeeblement, failed saving throw which resulted in shattering of his mind. Slaves were: two buccaneers, priest of Mystra and Jarod, an adventurer and vagabond of Western Heartlands.


Prisoners were led upward to city, fed and put to sleep. While the were recovering, Ren searched for informations concerning black lotos and Forest Queen and talked with Avelon. In the meantime Connal tried to extract iryllium. Taking small chunk was a great effort, so he decided to invoke Moradin's power. Blessing chamber, sanctifying tools, praying and feasting, he conducted ceremony to summon his patron's ally. Instead a Messenger of Dwarven Father appeared and worked with his priest to excavate metal. Connal was dazed as were his friends.


Having all work done, heroes constructed raft and placed a metal under it. The moved above forest, visited treants to find any clue about Heart of wood or Queen of the Forest and assured themselves the have to find Primordial Plateau. When they finally arrived to lake and "Sky Mill", the saw their garden-ship surrounded by huge lilies with little lights upon them. Close inspection proved it were flotilla of some tribesmen, leaving sacrifaces on ship's deck and clearly waiting for something.


<font style=”font-style: italic”>Behind the Courtain</font>

Ren advanced 8th level of experience, choosing sorcerer class.

Connal advanced on 9th level.

As you can see, all comments have to be accepted first, because of trolling.

I was moderately satisfied with gaming session but guys cheered. They completed and finalised few things, finally understood what they have to do and how. I was glad session was held, because I was afraid we will abandon game after fuss that erupted and resulted with Sławek departure.

Chapter Three: Goro Goro Island - Session 21 - Slithering Shadow part 2 of 2

Acquiring necessary components, heroes decided to gather more information concerning Maggog. First the went through the city, reading stellas, searching for clues or other important information. The learned that revolt against Maggog was led by small group and it's members were not able to defeat demon, only to imprison him.

PC returned to woman the took from mansion and woke her. Interrogation revealed that she was ignorant of Maggog being, did not know his weak points or habits. She also was not moved by sight of city falling in ruins, passing of her friends and mood of sadness. Not being able to persuade her in giving up her habits, Pc let her go and she gladly returned to her sleeping chamber to dream lotus dreams.


PC's debated heavily but in the end decided to fight demon. They descended deep into city's bowels and entered chamber leading to prison. Doors turned out to be protected by explosive runes which detonated. Heroes moved on and entered chamber filled with coupling zombies. Upon their arrival, undead things arose and attacked. Connal channeled positive energy and destroyed many of them. Avelon tried the same but her priestly powers were either absent or she was given command over undead. Ren looked closely upon her symbol only to find it is very close to Shar's emblem. Dealing with zombie's PC's were charged by raging demon of darkness. He arose from trio of tall stones in the center of room, two of them were radiating with strange black halo. Fight was tough but in the end they were able to defeat monster. Maggog turned out to be quite weak opponent, much weaker than they expected.


<font style=”font-style: italic”>Behind the Courtain</font>

Although session went smooth and nice, it sparked a discussion concerning use of narcotic substances in Faerun. It would be pleasant conversation if it not turned into set of strange allusions. In the aftermatch of almost two weeks discussion we decided to part ways with Sławek. I wish him best luck in his endeavours. Two proposals for replacement were made and I'm going to make the propositions.


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