This is an webpage devoted to my campaign: To Epic and Beyond! While I'm seasoned,if not veteran, player and DM alike, I have never played or ran a campaign, that would last from first level to epic advancements. All campaigns were either suddenly terminated or left unfinished. This time i vowed it would be different. So I gathered few friends of mine and asked them, if the want to play with me. To my rejoice, they all agreed.

Game system 

First of all I'm "an AD&D guy". I grew up playing it and for a long, long time AD&D were synonymus with RPG at all. D&D 3E were introduced around milenium but I was forced to withdraw from RPG at that time. When I began researching and preparing to run Forgotten Epic I decided too give it a shot. After few sessions a famialiar thing began with players searching various handbooks, sourcebooks and alike and asking: "Can I take this feat?". More than once in a past such question was a first step to campaign eventual fail, so I knew I had to act quickly. And then i stumbled upon Pathfinder. At firest I and my players fell in love with it (actually it was beta test version). We converted characters and continued on. As for no, my enthusiasm for Pathfinder has passed. While it is interesting set of rules, it much to complicated for me and sometimes it binds me. I'm not a rules lawyer, I just like to run game justly and fair.

In fact, I play with an idea of going back to AD&D 2E, but this campaign will be finished under Pathfinder rules. 

Campaign setting

There was a time, when I hated Forgotten Realms. No I love it. It took me some time to see what is the point and free myself of reason, logic and simulationism shackles'. Now I know that Toril isn't supposed to be world of reasonably powers, countries-that-could-exist etc. It is world of high adventure, powerful magic, magical beasts, noble knights, mysterious sorcerers, dungeon exploring and most of all, of HEROES!

What I could not resist, it was lure of putting my own creations inside Abeir-Toril. And so heroes hail from island of Averwest, were fighting a wraith-remenant of Nordmen invasions, met ancient elven vampire and landed on shores of huge magical flying island Goro-Goro. I use Forgotten Realms as a setting, but it is a backcloth: necessary background to create characters and to set them in world. Rest, the whole stage, is mine.

And players, of course!

Forgotten Epic: To Epic and Beyond!